15 Jul 2013

Thoughts - On the need for sleep

I've been working only overnights and it has not been easy the last few days.

My body has decided after 36 hours of activity bookended by a 12 hour shift of work on each end that sleep is not what it desires when I get home. This makes my day a nightmare as I need to keep the sleep pattern I've developed to 1. work on time and not be tired, and 2. spend some time with the wife so we can still call ourselves hitched.

Today has been a bad day, Sunday was bad... today was worst as I'm leaving for work in a few hours. To say the least working off 2-3 hours of broken sleep a day is less then desired.

Tomorrow will be better I will be tired, I'll crash and have to get ready to work at my 1st job before going to my overnight shift.

Also I've been working on a few projects on the side and being able to work them on top of two jobs, husband, and being an active mate to the crew takes up all my time. I've not painted and that's also getting to me.

So folks work is getting done but it's not getting done the way I want to.

I also love my wife, she is the best and has really taken on the task of working with the grumpy bear in the house.

Cheers folks.