22 Jul 2013

Thoughts - For me it's Sundaty

As of writing this post it's actually 0022 hrs on Monday, 22 July 2013.

This is my Sunday.

Overnights are not bad, I like them in fact. Most of the dumb is absent because stupid has a sleep requirement. I'm left to my own devices and I'm able to read like the Flash.

I'm actually trying to get a real article finished for a real internet site, hence the long distance between posts. I'll post the link if it goes up. I'm hoping the editors like the piece if not I'll bring it about here.

Things have been changing here in the old house. With my current job we have spending money again. Before while I was unemployed we could get by on the one pay provided by the wife but alas it was barley paying the bills, cash was very tight, and the debts me and the Mrs have garnered over the years were no longer leaving us... it was a shity time.

No we have some cash again. Debts are almost done, we have some cash to spare... at the cost of the overnights I'm pulling. It's much harder to merge my time table with the wife's and she's alone far to often for my tastes. Yet for the short term, the coin I'm bringing in with both of my jobs (yes I have two,  one is part time) we will be be in a better place. I've stepped away from the table minus my Wed night gaming and the odd weekend event. Summer is still in full swing so it's hard to make up time to spend in a room around a table when the weather demands you to live outside.

In Canada we value our Summers, our Winter are long and very cold.

Of course my Sundays are the shity day. My sleep schedule is off because I got home Sat morning and I got little sleep. I need to right my clock for going to work at 1145 on Monday. So Sunday is a transformation into a creature of the night.

Monday is much better... but the wife is working while I'm home.

So Sundays suck.

See you all later.