16 Jul 2013

Table Top - The Warmachine Kickstarter

As I'm getting ready for the new imDozer and writing projects pile up, I've found myself looking back to the Warmachine Kickstarter. For those of you who have no idea what Kickstarter is, it's the mac daddy of crowd funding. Folks post an idea, ask for coin and hand out special rewards for folks who give more then the min support.

For me I'm looking at the new minis that are coming out from the game. Seems each faction will be getting a Journeyman Warcaster.

Yeah... every faction will be getting a Jr, rules in the link.

I'll wait.

I like this idea. Get some fancy limited release minis, with the moulds to be broken and new less limited moulds used for future releases. So it seems that everyone will get these fancy new minis later on but those of us who pay the coin will get them now along side with a unique limited run mini.

Sounds like a proper balanced incentive for supporting this costly venture.

I want in.
One of the 5 Journeyman 'casters from the game
due to come out to our table

For one each of the minis have some neat rules and sporting one of these guys will be a nice, ah ha to folks who didn't support the Kickstarter.

Oh yeah you get some video game... but the models!

The Swans or Cygnar is loosing a unique advantage by giving everyone a Journeyman Warcaster. We will still have two of the buggers to throw around mind you, but I like the feel of where this is going.

Plus we have a new full 'caster... and so does Cryx? Seems the new 'caster will be switching sides when they go epic. Karchev is Khador 'caster in the storyarc and he may suffer a similar fate in the new Warmachine expansion.

A Cygnar 'caster and a it's Epic Version for Cryx!
Dear Karchev this could be a thing... 
So Kickstarter, it will wait until my next paycheck (which is better then none) but I feel like I'm supporting the Kickstarter for the minis and not so much for the video game. It feels odd. Now the video game looks like fun, very X-Com in style (a good thing, X-Com is great!) and it's coming on my preference of PC (the Mac).

Yet all I want to do is shout about the minis.

Sold... Mercs will be added to my faction list
Fuck you, fancy pants mini, fuck you.
As kickstarters go, this is one is not my most loved (that was DreadBall) but it's up there with things I want to support.

Well hit the links and enjoy...