2 Jul 2013

Table Top - Coming out of the Shadows

Ever since I picked up my parents copy of D&D, I was drawn to the Rogue classes. In 2nd Edition AD&D, I owned all the rogue class players guides. Thief's, Bard's, and even the Ninja's handbooks. When I lept into other game systems, the stealthy sneaky classes, careers and archetypes called me.

I liked not being the one who hit the hardest or the one with all the bells and whistles. I liked being that reliable aid to the party. I liked being able to fuck off and do my thing as needed. I loved it when the 'locked door' was the only thing between victory and the party with me being the only soul with the skills to open it.

Over the years and through many a game system, I played around with the rogue classes. I tried mixes with fighters or specialist skilled rogues who could acrobatically put Dick Grayson to shame. My tastes started to change. Slowly over time, I played other classes and I found other parts that I liked. My own real life experience was growing me as more then a sneak and backstab player.

Right now the Legend of the Five Rings boxset Second City is looming for my Wed night gaming group. I loved the Scorpion Clan. I liked the desire to take the hit to the honor in order to keep the bigger picture. I liked that no one trusted them but if you ever earned a Scorpions friendship they were the one you could trust with anything. They would do anything even play the villan in order to keep the balance and push the Empire forward.

Now with the new campaign, I'm looking at stepping out of the shadows. Surprisingly enough, I'm sticking to the family. You see Bayushi the one who started the clan had a twin, Shiba who started the Phoenix. A clan who serve the Shugenja (mages) and who value peace over war... so the shift in some cases is not that hard. I'm just leaving the shadows... I think...

Since this happened I've been trying to figure out why my tastes have changed. Maybe its my own life changes, maybe I'm tired of the same old, maybe the shadows have lost their lure... maybe I feel I can be a better help in the light?

I'm not sure.

I feel like I've evolved with Sam Fisher and the Splinter Cell series. No longer sticking to the shadows but now using them to spring forth and ruin my enemies. The shadows are still loyal and there, but they are more a tool... a powerful and still used tool mind you. I set up complete the puzzle and from there I unleash the fury.

I've changed as a player and I'm looking forward to where this will go. I wonder what's next for this old gamer?