3 Jul 2013

New Comic Day - Revival

So I was working on another post for today... but this morning I read this. As I'm getting home at 6am from my over nights I'm about six hours behind on my on the day posts. C'est la vie, that's life. 

So as I browsed some cheep reading on my iPad, I found the first volume of Revival written by Tim Seeley and art duties by Mike Norton. 

I have to say the idea was brilliant. Small town has an event that results in a the recent dead coming back to life. The local town goes into lock down and the world is watching intently to see what's next. The reader joins the world in wondering what's next...

Tim Seeley does a great job in setting up his setting and the magic that keeps the dead alive. He's really getting deep early on in the series, now at Issue 12, on the repercussions on the dead not staying that way. The dialogue is fluid and well done. The story pacing is never languid and it keeps a pace even if it seems little is resolved in the first five issues (or Volume #1). Some of the characters are quite twisted while others seem so human it's surreal to see them in the series.

There are lots of hooks for more story lines left lying about the whole volume and as a reader I was always wondering when that thing or that mention would come back and how it would be used in the setting.

Mike Norton's art is brilliant. It has a simple feel and with the breadth of characters he is able to keep them all looking different without making caricatures visually of the characters. The colour pallat is well rounded and even when the inks get a bit sloppy his lines still show the talent within the book. The did get stronger each issue and that's the norm with long running series as the artist tightens up their lines and shapes as the characters become second nature.

This book is a 4/5. It's not perfect and some of the areas require the reader to really focus on get lost in the dialogue but that may have been me getting back from an overnight shift.

It's worth your time. Take a look.