8 Jul 2013

Media - What do I want to play next?

This summer season in past years shows gamers like myself the new stuff coming out in the following Fall season. It get's us ready for what to play. Of course this Summer the 8th Generation Consoles are the new big thing. 

Yet what about the games?

What games are pulling my attention for the last big party for Generation Seven?

Lets go down the list. 

Batman Arkham Origin: 25 Oct 2013
This game is no longer made by the same folks who made the last two super successful stealth action games which just so happened to have included Batman and many of his folks from the DC comics. Alone the previous two games could have stood solo without the need to include the brooding dark knight but they included him and did so with the same skill that created the game. The previous two games broke the mould on Stealth Action Beat-em-Ups and what we expect for comic games. 

please do not suck
Am I nervous that the magic from the previous two games will be gone? Yes I am. Am I a little worried about the pre-quel nature of this instalment? Sure as shit. Does the premiss of a holiday 24 hour Batman hunt seem neat. Yeah... actually the whole idea of a Christmas Assassin hunt for the Batman, who is the new thorn of criminals, is a very well thought out idea. 

That's the kicker. I have lots of fears, but the good idea fairy has continued to grace the folks working these games. 

Watchdogs: 19 Nov 2013
Ubisoft has decided their new IP will straddle the generations. I'm always fearful of these choices as the older generation games tend to get the shaft somehow. In the case of Watchdogs I hope this is not the case. 

The idea of a connected, open world city with a computer cavi vigilante makes me think of the game above with the crazy nutter dressing up as a bat. It looks fun, allowed other players to jump into your game as allied hackers who can manipulate the environment is pretty neat. I like the idea of chilling at Pale Rider's new house watching him play Watchdogs while I jump in via my tablet and help him out through his missions. 

This game has the possibility of being like everyother open world game but with a neat fancy mcguffin. 
I hope this is not the case. 

GTA FIVE: 19 Sep 2013
The grandfather of open world games has decided to push out one last time for Generation Seven. With multiple main characters to switch between and the return of my favorite location, Lost Santos this could be the last big game of the series. 

I played GTA 4 and I loved it. I liked the character driven story and I liked a slew of the mechanics that were introduced. Now I have some history with GTA 4. I saved at the last mission of the main game and before I could go back to it ... red ring of death. The HDD was pooched and I've never had the need to go back and finish the job let alone play the two DLC story arcs that followed. 

I expect this game with have crisper controls and continue the R* level of quality. 

Assassins Creed IV, Blackflag: 
Another Ubisoft straddling game. From the series that Games Trailer has declared the best IP of the 7th genration, Assassin's Creed is another open world game. After AC:3, which introduced us to sailing and boarding actions... my favorite part of the previous game, AC 4 has decided to jump all over that mechanic.

I'm so ok with that. I love me some AC. The free running has gotten so good but now the games have suffered a bit. AC4 is my least favorite game of the series. I felt disconnected with the game as it progressed. I enjoyed the location and the pacing but once it was done... I felt no desire to return unless it was to the high seas. 

AC 2, Brotherhood and Revelations I've gone back to more then once. I like me some Renaissance Assassin Creed. Yet the pioner days of the American Revolution seemed wasted and rushed. The mechanics were good, and I liked exploring many of the secrets but I wanted more.

With AC:4 we will also get some connections with the other AC3 portable title that had a neat female assassin that I'm interested in playing. 

Of course the big drop will be who will be running in the genetic pants of this AC since the end of AC 3. 

So lots of open world games... but I've got no honourable mentions at the top of my head. 

That makes me sad and my wallet happy... unless it's looking at the next system I'm playing.