29 Jul 2013

Media - Kingkiller

"The best epic fantasy I read last year... He's bloody good, this Rothfuss guy."
- Geroge R. R. Martin

That's one.

In 2007 that Rothfuss dude wrote and published the first book of his Kingkiller Chronicle, The Name of the Wind. In 2011, he followed up that book with the second of the three novel series with The Wise Man's Fear. They are a good book and knowing that the last book of the series will be out before 2015 but not 2013, is a good thing.

Mr. Martin is famous in the 1980's for his TV before moving on to make it really big with his series of Fire and Ice. Later he would go on and dominate TV again. He is one of the largest and established names in fantasy writing.

His name echos along side names like; Ursula K. LeGuin, Terry Brooks and Brandon Sanderson.
That's two, three and four.

Orson Scott Card, as much as he's a media target, is five alongside the popular and always present dragon lady, Anne McCaffery, who is six. The number of names go on; Tad Williams, Nancy Pearl (author and 2011's Librarian of the Year - Library Journal), Robin Hobb (aka Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden) and Lev Grossman.

We're at seven, eight, nine and ten.

Hell I'm Canadian, Robert J. Swayer lives five hours away by car and he's number eleven.

Kevin J. Anderson has been around Star Trek, Star Wars and even the X-Files. He's number twelve right before Sean Williams of Australia came up as good old thirteen.

In the front cover of the books you'll see a dozen more published critics tell you the same thing that guy up top said.

"He's bloody good, this Rothfuss guy."
- Geroge R. R. Martin

Read the book. Read the second book and wait alongside me for the third. 

Let's be fourteen and counting.