27 Jun 2013

Thoughts - New Job

So I've got job where it's overnights and long hours, I have no internet. Lucky for me I love books already and keeping happy on a overnight shift is a skill I've kept up over the last decade plus in my other job.

Of course the schedule is temporary and should only be lasting a few months.

Other jobs are on the horizon I await their positive reply with as much earnest as I had before finding this work.

Work is work and there is a value in having it outside of the money. It's the self worth that comes with the labour and efforts. The job is pretty easy but after 12 hours solid of working one gets tired. A few days of 12 hours and the tired is bone tired.

Tonight and tomorrow night I have a pair of 12 hour shifts.

Well, need to fuel up and grab some rack... got to work tonight.