18 Jun 2013

Table Top - Someone bought me a Stormwall pt3

As I'm limited in my ability to work the blog while I'm away, please ignore the formatting and lack of images as I work this out.

So my last post on the Stormwall and some of things I'm looking at. Today we're talking Capt J. Kraye one of my favorite 'casters in the game. The first of the Cav 'casters/'locks in the game he is one of the best riding high.

Spell List alone, there are a few spells that scream love for the big guy.

Full Tilt is a great spell. Making a Stormwall not being able to shoot in favor of getting him in the mess faster makes him change the way folks play with the Stormwall. I'm seeing lots of players shoot move, shoot move and get a few hit in before the Stormwall goes down. In most cases they've been shooting so much that the Stormwall takes the charge and down it goes shortly after first physical contact with the enemy. Having a Stormwall get up in the mess right from the start is such a change in what I've been seeing I think at least in my meta that it could really get annoying. The Stormwall is no slouch in close combat when it's making the charge and Kraye's feat (as per below) will really make it worth your while.

Next on the list of great spells for the Stormwall is Guided Fire. For 3 Focus, each ranged attack from the Stormwall will be bootsed. With two heavy barrel shots and 2d3 mini gun shots all boosted, the Stormwall can really get the most out of it's shooting phase. I'm hoping to pull a Guided Fire round of shooting followed by a feat turn with Full Tilt cast on the Stormwall getting the most of both sides of the coin. The fact that Guided Fire also supports the rest of the 'jacks in Kraye's battlegroup really makes Guided Fire an bloody awesome spell.

I see mage sight being used only as needed, but the option to make more things availble for Stormwall shots is handy when you have it and really shity when you don't.

Kraye's feat is the icing on the cake. He can't turn the Stormwall (since Collossals can't be moved out of activiation), but the free boosted Melee Attacks and the +2" charge or trample is bloody great. Kraye's feat has plenty of love for the Stormwall and add in some spells and I'm looking a really getting the most out of the big guy for as long as I have him.

Kraye may seem like the best 'caster of the three I've looked at but he has some holes I need to keep aware of. He's a large base and his low focus means that he needs to get up there and since his spells are expensive will result in a large base, no focus camping, up front target asking for bullet for face.

Kraye brings alot but once I get some games with him, I'll need to be cafefull to do what I need to do.