25 Jun 2013

Table Top - Disappointing the Shop

So I was in a GW store yesterday as of this post. I had another post ready to go up, but instead this one has sprung forward and fuck it, this is my site. Next Week expect some looks at RPG'ing for the next little while.

Until then...

A Games Workshop store
you may recognize them
The moment I stepped in a young lady employed by the store, identified by her work uniform, asked if she could help me.

My reply.

'Sorry no.'

She seemed sad with my reply and asked if I had ever played any of these games. I explained I had but I no longer played the games provided and produced by her employers.

She looked at me oddly and I elaborated.

'Bloodbowl, Mordemheim, Necromunda and Battlefleet Gothic'

'Oh...' she replied.

She looked embarrassed and broke eye contact. She was surrounded by silence.  

She knew of these games. She knew they were great and had a history to them. She recalled every old guard player muttering about their love for those very games.

'I still read the books, and I used some of the paints' I said breaking the silence.

She looked up at me and smiled through the pains of being unable to help.


GW has a slew of passionate people who love the game and push it to others. These folks are the ambassadors of the hobby and in many cases the first to get a young persons feet wet in paint and bases covered in flock.

They love the hobby. They try to smile through shame of what they know people are saying and doing.

These folks are being wasted and are slowly suffering. They want to help me in the store, they want to foster my hobby.

I was nice, I didn't gloat. I didn't show off or mention my other games.

I left feeling sorry for the young lady because I felt that she was another victim to corporate GW's actions.

Cheers folks