10 Jun 2013

Media - Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

I love the heist moves. From Ocean's Eleven (and Thirteen) to Heat, the heist film is my favorite action/suspense sub-genre. When those folks at Pocketwatch games made up a neat little game about a crew and the performance of various heists I was set to try it out.

Please note I've yet to finish the main campaign but I think my take on the game so far is pretty well developed.

Now this game has no graphic supremacy the 8 bit visuals are quaint and at times confusing. When an area of the level is no longer in direct view, it's filled in by a blue print schematic style filler that adds to the flavour of the heist game.

In this game you and up to three other folks play a crew made up of 8 different thieves. Each one is a master of a particular talent or skill. Some bring a new ability to the crew such as the Cleaner being able to KO other blokes if they are unaware of his coming or the Mole who can break open sections of the level otherwise unavailable. Others are just better at a skill set like the Lockpick who can pick locks much faster and the Hacker who can have more then one virus and can hack much faster then the rest of the team.

In total each of the eight characters bring something to the party and it's up to the player and their mates to pick the best team for the job. So far, I've been unfortunate to only play with one other person and that's where my score of the game becomes set.

Monaco was fun to play solo for only so long. I called up the Pale Rider and once he was set on the controls we were whipping through missions and pulling heists. Yet we needed more. We kept thinking if only we had a third and forth player.

The whole point of the game is play with others and the more friends you're working with the better the experience.

The game outside of this small caviate is well put together and the levels are creative enough. I do dislike the 8 bit graphics becoming more obstructing then neat when the mission goes south and some of the prompts are a little slow.

Monaco: What's Your's is Mine earns a 4 when playing with others and a 3 when you're solo. It is truly a whole different experience that can't be compared to the multi-player.

It's a great cheep little game that's earned its place as a inde hit but be warned the game will show the stitching and loose it charm quickly if you find yourself alone.