20 Jun 2013

Media - the Game of Chicken, next gen Chicken

So Xbox One. After you came out, people had questions. After they brought you out and showed off all your friends, people were angry and still had questions. Confusion was a miasma that was becoming more and more obvious while also becoming thicker.

Yesterday, as of this post, something about you has changed.

Xbox One
finally desired

As a community of consumers something has changed. This last generation (the 7th) of consoles has been one of the longest and strongest in history. Games have broken sales records, meeting numbers that films would want, while also having overwhelming underperformance. We have also changed. Facebook and Twitter are under News reporters titles on the the TV. TV is now watched on the internet with services like Hulu and Netflix. We are able to ravage and gobble everything up so quickly and the turn around to expresse their acceptance or lack thereof is just a 'like' button.

So did we win or did they loose? Does it matter that it has changed?

I had posted before that Microsoft was in a unique game of chicken with the industry and consumer. I was surprised that the fear of change was so heavy alongside the fear to adjust to the very vocal desires of the consumer.

Now this sword has been wielded poorly in the past with Mass Effect 3's less then engaging ending.

It had some issues,
yet what game doesn't?
When the ending was being raked across the coals, the folks at BioWare were scrambling on fixing the ending rather then complete all the DLC they were wanted to work on. Shortly thereafter the two lead M.D.'s who were responsible for Baldur's Gate, KOTOR and their first original IP: Jade Empire. They changed our RPG experience forever and yet Mass Effect 3's ending elicited such unwanted negative reactions, that they left the shortly after giving the fans what they wanted. 

So good... so fucking good.
Where is #2, EA? Where is it!
We have such a power not only with our money spent but our possible spending of money. The bog companies are still learning what that means and how we do it. The video below is pretty ignorant and comes off as if our desires did not equate into sales. It's also funny that the GT has stripped a slew of the meta tages from this video and it's super hard to find... hurm? backlash... maybe?

After seeing this video something hit me. Desire is a strong driving force in our community and the video game industry. It's the reason why we seek out the games we play. Everything is desire. If you go out of your way to be undesirable you will not be placed atop the pile of others.

Does reacting to the consumers mean that consumers have the right to control their destiny on artistic content? Nope. Had that been so, we'd have seen a Killer Instinct game a while ago instead of being showed off just recently.

Dear RARE: It's been a while,
 please don't screw this up for everyone
We can and should vote with our wallets. I've said so quite a few times here on this blog. We should continue to vote with our wallets. We should express our dislike of things and how much we love something. We should give the feedback that the folks who make our games can make a better game.

Microsoft has decided to change the game by submitting to the pressure we've imposed. After this I'm now looking at the price and the exclusive games. I was gung ho to pick up the PS3 but after reading on how hard it was to code for and the much larger price, I picked Xbox. The Xbox live experience kept me locked in over the last five years on Xbox Live Gold.

Will this continue? I'm not sure, but Microsoft has made it harder to walk away. No longer has the PS4 taken up the front spot, now it's catching up and the Xbox may just be the one still.