11 Jun 2013

Media - E3 Part Two (EA)

EA you have the worst position out of any publisher. Since the EA programer wife letter spelled out the poor treatment of your code monkeys and the two years running as consumers worst company EA you've got a lot to prove.

So how did you do?

Pretty well actually... so where did this come from? I'm not sure I just hope this is not a shity illusion.

Frostbite has always captured my attention. I like many features and think they have made my game experience even stronger. Prema Death, Customizable Loadouts, Realistic Damage and Destructible Environments. I liked Battlefield 3, still not 2142 but it each time you made another game in the series you added more and more of the 2142 back into the mix.

You now have a commander roll once more in the game. Thank you. I loved calling in supplies or Air Strikes. I liked getting extra XP for following order and working well with the rest of the units around me. I'm glad it's back. Thank you for continuing to listen to the players.

Then I watched you play a mission on stage. I saw as the troops moved from the control point up out of the subway to run into a Tank round. Ripping appart the walls and doors. I saw the team drop the support pillars to have the tank and the street drop into the subway. I saw the troop place the C-4 and run out to the next control point. I was jumping in my seat. This is what I wanted. Then you topped that.

The team moves to the top of the skyscraper to take the control point but upon doing so they see the building tip. The floor is at an odd angle and the team runs through the windows to skydive to safety. Why because they dropped a whole fucking skyscraper in the multiplayer level!

AWESOME! That was pure win. I cannot stress how awesome that was to watch in real time.

Here look for your self.

You bastards then had two little teasers.

Star Wars Battlefront made with the Frostbite three engine.

Wow. I hope they pull this off. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the highest selling Star Wars in the IP history. More units of that game sold then any other Star Wars branded video game still to this day.

The last straw was this. This is the thank you. EA is back as long as they keep this up.

Welcome back gamers. EA is showing us they love us.

Ubisoft you have some real competition.