10 Jun 2013

Media - E3 Part One (XBox)

I wasn't going to do this there is plenty of E3 hype out there but some of the stuff I've seen has really got my attention. So this week's posts are getting pushed back by a week as I hit up some of these E3 moments. Tomorrow expect some EA and Ubisoft reporting.

So Part One will be Xbox One (aka Xbone). 

They still have yet to fully explain what is entailed with the always online, the used games and the must be there to see and hear Kinect. Three weeks ago, Xbox One came out of the shadows and afterwards the rounds tables, where media and news sites get one on one time with the folks for questions failed. Different information and unclear answers were being pushed and Xbox was looking like it was about to eat the barrel of Video Game suicide.

Imagine Best Buy, Future Shop, Amazon and even more importantly Game Stop and EB Games loosing all that revenue from used games. The idea alone made Game Stop drop 5 full points on the market after the Xbox One press conference. Yet the idea is strange, would you be willing to sell a product that is cutting you off at the knees. Microsoft need the brick and mortar stores to sell the consoles. 

It's a game of chicken. Will Xbox drop the used game download, reuse fee ideas that are still floating aimlessly in the internets or will they push the game stores to buy the console and sell it or else those stores will loose all the possible cash? Who will fall first? 

Those answers were not there instead we got a slew of games. That's ok but I want to know more about some of this foolishness. Well some games that got my attention are below after the break.

Killer Instinct 

Since Rare was bought out for the original XBox it was expected to produce the same quality of games that broke our brains for the SNES and N64. Instead all we got was a piss poor Perfect Dark followed by silence broken only by Kinect games. When the return of the 2D fighting game was upon us and for some still is here, the whole genre waited for Rare to come back with Killer Instinct. We waited, we waited and waited some more. 

Until now and it looks like it was done well. The new graphics and the familiar sounds of "Combo Breaker" ringing were childhood memories of high school and time spent at the arcade. I'm glad it's back. It deserved a second kick at the can. I just hope this is Rare being aloud to return to form. 


Yeah I figure this was coming but it took only seeing the gauntlet emerge from the folds of the desert walker's cloak to know Master Chief was back. I liked Halo 4, it was short but it hit the classic notes. I enjoyed the large levels and some of the gameplay was fresh enough and familiar that it kept me playing through the campaign. My favorite of the series is still Halo 3 and its follow up ODST, but Halo 4 showed us that the IP has some legs and can continue. 

Metal Gear Solid 5

So the whole event started with what looks like to be Big Boss (my favorite character in the whole series) now being voice by Lost Boys and 24 actor with Kiefer Sutherland instead of David Hayder. Ok fine, it's also open world sand box. Ok, you have my attention. It's in Afghanistan late 70's early 80's. Ok now I'm really looking hard at this. 

MGS was a classic game that shattered the ideas of how to make a game in the midway through the PS1 time on this earth. MGS 2 was the bitter pill everyone swallowed and MGS 3 was the forgiveness we all gave Kojima due to it's brilliance. It is for many (me as well) the best of the series. MGS 4 finished the story and from there the IP stayed on the handheld market. I always though the controls were cumbersome and I was always wielding some great weapon. I hope they cleaned up the controls with this new Metal Gear Solid. I look forward to playing the Big Boss once more. 


Of all the games that are shown at E3, this one is getting so much traction it's not funny. EA's exclusive game made by the folks who made Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is really showing it's teeth. Microsoft knows that have some pure win mucking about in their corner. I'm glad to see the game has the big bad mechs, aka Titans, playing along side the Pilots who are super nimble, double jumping, wall running ninjas. I was not expecting to be impressed but I was. I looked back at the days of Battlefield 2124 and breathed some memories back to the front of my skull. 

The Unknown Game

The Folks from BC publisher Black Tusk Games put out the following trailer. 

Now did I just see a new Syphon Filter game? I'm not sure but that would be Awesome!

Later expect some EA, Ubisoft and some Sony lookings.