11 Jun 2013

Media - E3 Part Four (PS4)

So Sony had the last show of the night and they were looking great. How great, well it's made me look at getting a PS4. I'm not fully sold, but they have something there that Xbox is missing.

See you after the break.

The First PS4 exclusive title that did it for me was from the folks at SuperGiant games putting out Transistor. Upon seeing this I was struck by the combination of music and graphics. Bastion was such a brilliant game, seeing another game from the same bloodline was refreshing. Followed by another slew of inde games and developers really set the bar for PS4.

Square Enix really used the PS4 show to show off two new titles. FF 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3. Great trailers but my interest in these titles has wained over the years. Since FF 12 Square Enix has not made a FF I wanted to play. Kingdom Hearts is a great series, I don't play it but it's a favorite for lots of folks.

Watchdogs got a huge gameplay reveal trailer. Sony must have really pushed for it since this is what the Ubisoft conference really needed. It paid off as Sony really earned some leverage there. Also the Assassins Creed 4 gameplay was another missing from the Ubisoft conference that showed up here instead. Makes me wonder if Ubisoft should have there own and instead buy/sell there way onto the platform shows instead...

The Order was a pretty trailer. Killzone: Shadow Fall was also nice to see. The crowd really showed their enthusiasm for the used games model of the PS4. I have to say that level of clarity is what I was expecting from Microsoft. The lack of needed online was another huge hit from the crowds. The cheering and screaming was lacking that fake sound heard at most conferences.

The games they were showing were games that I want to play. The type of connection is what I'd like to have, or at least be able to do when the internet is down or if I take my box to a cottage for some high life cottage living. Yet I'm wondering if PS4 and the PSN have what I want. Xbox 360 did those things so well and my loyalty is resisting change... yet.

Yet is the word PS4 has brought to the table. I'm looking it over and thinking do I want a piece of this pie. It's worth 399$. Microsoft has it's work cut out for them and if they hope to keep me, they need to kill the beast in front of them. It's cheeper and lets folks play the way they want, why would players pick the Xbox over the Playstation? Well Microsoft needs to really make that clear over the following days at E3 if they hope to take advantage of the venue.

Oh PS, I'm not interested in Destiny because online RPG shooters look neat but I don't play MMORPGs and I'm picky about my shooters. Destiny and Division (from Ubisoft) are giving me the same thing something I'm not sure I want to try.

Yet again PS4, you won this year's E3 day one events. Xbox, sort your shit out or you won't even run the race.