2 Jun 2013

Lost - Sunday before Long

Well it's Sunday and I've been away. Posts go up as scheduled and if I have time to write them ahead of time.

Seems I've been blogging for over a year now. Last Wed the Anniversary post went up. Neat.

I've got lots to say after the break.

Party on Wayne, party on Garth

The Dreadzone Kickstarter is on it's last legs and by the time anyone reads this, it will be done. I really wanted to jump in on this but my work didn't pay me this week and the bills are more important. Too bad really. I liked the idea of getting some terrain for my Infinity models and those Enforcers looked uber sexy. I just wanted to get the Scout (40$) pledge with the Booster (20$) and I'd be getting everything under the Enforcer sun... if I had the coin the I'd get the Strike (150) package and add the Forge Father with booster. They have some sexy bikes and the Forge Fathers are one of the more Iconic Mantic Factions. First time I've ever seen space Dwarves done right!

Videogame news E3 is right around the corner. The Xbox One and PS4 info have announced themselves and we're going to get a lot of info over the coming weeks. Xbox One is still suffering from a lack of clear information one some serious issues, while the PS4 great UI presentation left a bitter taste in our mouths since we still have yet to see the bloody thing. Microsoft won the battle of who showed the best but the round tables afterwards has been a series of press releases to stifle the confusion and rampant rumours due to lack of clear message. Gent's this may be the year I go back to Sony or this may be the year I solidify my Xbox. This is the 8th generation of gaming consoles, I was working in a video game store when PS1 was released... I've been a fan ever since. I had a PS2 but then a few years later I picked up an Xbox and started buy mostly Xbox games. This last generation, PS3/Xbox 360 put my firmly in the Xbox camp with their better online service and the selection of unique games over the Sony PS3 choices. It was cheeper and did a better job. They both had the majority of games, but those that were console solo did little to force my hand and switch up. In the end Xbox Live was the keeper for me, that service is brilliant compared to PSN always trying to get better.

Still have no idea who bought me that Stormwall and my post on Kraye using the big guy will be out next (if I have time to write before I leave for another week). It's coming along slowly but my Dreadball is front and center on the paint me list. Some of the stuff coming out of Lock and Load really has me jumping for joy and is looking good. Meanwhile GW has been putting out books at a crazy rate. This has me thinking, is the rush part of a no waiting, best army is recent army issue and when is the next version. Already Chaos and Tau have been rushed out and now Eldar (my first large Army, and a favorite still) have shown up along side the new High Elf Armies Book (off all the books that made me look at picking up Fantasy). Of course GW is still way out of my price range (add 10-20$ to the links prices) and any weakness I have about their products is fleeting along side threats to my bank account.

NIN is getting ready to release a new album. AWESOME!

Fast and Furious 6 was great. Also it's linked itself back to Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift (3rd in the series) and has closed the loop while at the same time announcing the seventh film which has started production in order to show up next year. The series may end after next film or it may start another revitalizing like it experienced after number 4 (Fast and Furious). After Earth is getting hit and I'm still wanting to give it a try. I like M.N. Shamalman's movies, only Last Airbender and the Village are on my naughty list. I also like Will Smith and with his kid I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Superman is of course the film to beat, Iron Man 3 was a great hit. Star Trek was fun but the sole film that can kill all others this summer is the promise of a Great Fucking Superman Film. This is so big on my radar I'd need to launch a Giant Robot to fight it's meer presence. Man of Steel looks great and all the previews are invoking great feelings of hope for the boy scout.

Arsenal FC finished 4th in the Premere League and will be able to qualify for the Championship next season. This year was slow to start but a great finish. The team has legs and it looks like they've been finding them pretty well. Man U, I wish you luck now that Sir Ferguson is gone from your club. Cheers.

Nightwing, Atomic Robo, Deathmatch, Batman, Luthur Strode, and Hulk are the series that keep my coming back to comics. Of course there are a few more but they are out of price range or simply closing shop. Comics has stuff going on and I'm reading said stuff... yes and someone shot Catwoman in the head. Seems Batman's parents getting off'ed was enough to start him up as a guy in a bat suit. Now his son and on-off girlfriend are hoping to push the big guy off the edge... sucks to be Batman.

Last by not least the family has another member thanks to Tzar's twin sister making a little Emma Bear. She looks cute since she's less then a week old. Congrats to the family.

So I've been gone and next week, I'm still away for one more week. Sorry folks but internet is limited where I am and the paying work takes the cake over everything else.

So play well with each other and Cheers.