16 May 2013

Thoughts - Ramble on!

Well it's late on Thursday and the post didn't go up because I have nothing much to yammer on about on the Thoughts topic.

Maybe I need to adjust and get off the daily topic and just post what I want when I want? Maybe.

I've got some work coming around and I'm pretty happy about the cash inlfux coming in. I also got my Dreadball season 2 box. IKRPG on Wed nights is going well, after the third session I feel the game has got some legs to it and the WNG2 (Wed Night Game Group) seems to have got into the grove with the game so far.

Pale Rider is out in OZ with his lady and they are on vacation. The wife is doing well and really putting up with my shit. This month she's been really good to me and so fucking patient I owe here a fancy dinner or a flick... and thats just a start to who thank you process.

I guess I have the whole marriage to keep up the momentum. I'm looking forward to it.

Work on the Colossal is after I finish my Bronze Back Titan. I've not put anything out for the Ottawa-Gatineau Warmachine Club for a few weeks now. I'm working on putting some work together in the next couple of days.

Then I saw this and the future looks bright and fun.

Lots of new coming out on the game season is ramping up and some movies like the new Star Trek and Superman are holding my interest this summer.

So I guess enjoy the week I have more on Mon, Tues and Wed for you next week and expect a post on Sat.