28 May 2013

Table Top - Someone bought me a Stormwall pt2

While I'm away for work and earning some coin, part 2 will entertain you.

So this week is Siege, also known as Markus Brisbane.

Now he is my go to 'caster for the faction. He was the reason I made Cygnar my 3rd choice. He's very much a 'toolbox' 'caster as such he's got a trick for every party just like Batman.

So what can he do with a Stormwall?

When people look at Siege the first thing they dislike when he shows up is Markus' feat. Being able to drop the normal ARM (remember that ARM bonuses are added after this) to half, rounded up. That ARM 24 'jack is now ARM 12. Of course this only applies to enemy models within his 12" control range and it only works once. If damage is every rolled again the feat no longer applies.

So with the Jack in the Box Stormwall, I've got 2 options. As I mentioned before, Siege is a toolbox 'caster so options are welcome.

Option 1: Spread out the range love and shoot at as many folks as possible. I've taken out whole Man-O-War shock troops with a Cyclone Chain gun on Siege's feat turn. Now I've got two with the rest of the Cyclone. The two Heavy Barrels are loving being able to put more damage down range. Of course all this range fire power means I will be shooting at different targets and that may become thin over time before I run out of feat valid targets.

Option 2: Smash face and ruin a players day. With the slew of melee options (oh no, not more of those!) power attacks if everyone is in the range of the feat is gona suffer. That STR 17 is kinda high, and looking back that's damn ugly on a collateral damage roll.

So Sieges feat is ok. What about his spells?

Explosivo is always handy for adding some AOE to a ranged attack but more importantly making it magical. That right there is perfect for the odd duck target in the Stormwall's range.

Forcehammer is a odd spell but if you can justify the cost 4, it may open up lanes for the Stormwall's large base. I'm not sure when Siege will go all Mr Plow but it's nice to know that he can do it on the fly.

Foxhole is just funny but really a bad joke for the other guy. Being able to drop your Large Base model or anyone's into a hole is fun stuff. Get's them out of the way to shoot past even if they are getting a nice bonus for cover?

Mage Sight is handy to have around to make more targets show up in the Stormwall's list of valid options and Rift is handy for slowing down those bastards trying to get up in the Big Guy's grill.

Anything else?

Well novice Siege players will have to remember that they can use their Rocket Cannon's special ability Ground Pounder and ignore LOS (aka the Stormwall you're hiding behind).

Siege is a toolbox 'caster and the Stormwall loves the utility belt of options that Markus has. It's not the strongest pairing for Rusty and the Big Guy but it's still a nice fit. I can really see this working in my favor.

Next Week my last go two 'caster... Kraye.