21 May 2013

Table Top - Someone bought me a Stormwall pt1

Well folks someone bought me a Stormwall.

Still have no idea who got me this
Also it's freaking huge!

For the next few table top posts I'll be going over some of the Stormwall 'casters I'll be using. Lucky for  me, I play with Cygnar who has the Stormwall who has something for each 'caster in the faction.

This week I'm going to go over some of the things I hope to try out and see how these ideas play out with the following old man; pNemo.

The current pNemo model
what a sexy crippled old man

See you after the break.

So the old man. DEF and ARM of 14. Considered to be the best punching bag of all the 'casters in the faction and arguably the game. He's got few points to hit on, and he'd be a snack rather then a meal for the next vampire that came up on him in the night. Another low point is his feat, POW 14 on all 'jacks and 'beasts is ... ok.

Yet, pNemo has something to play with and I'm looking forward to seeing what that is for me as a player.

The pNemo model I own and use

First thing I look at with pNemo is how his strong selection of spells will support the Stormwall.

Locomotion is out, since we can't make a Colossal move out of activation. Deflection doesn't play that well since the Stormwall is the exact oposite of a Warrior Model. Now Electrify sounds funny. Getting pushed away after getting a hit on a Stormwall. The groans of players wording 'really', or 'that's douchie' are already starting to make me smile.

Disruption Field seems like a great idea. Giving the Stormwall +2 STR is just what the doctor ordered. Putting the Voltaic Fists into P+S 22 and being able to throw at STR 19 is sounding worse and worse for everyone but the Stormwall. That's Conquest melee damage and one more STR.

Add in the two nukes, pNemo spells are pretty limited for the Stormwall. I worried that with only two spells on the list and making use of Voltaic Snare to screw up my opponents 'jacks (if they have any) movement reducing their ability to bring to bare a fully functional assault on the big guy.

It's up to pNemo's passive powers. He's gona be fully loaded with Focus, bring some spellcasters to make sure he gets more Focus through his Accumulator. Supercharge is where the money is...

Dear Stormwall; 

Would you like 5 Focus?

Signed you're buddy


Yeah. I see the reply going this way.

Damn Stormwall is so hungry for Focus and getting 5 Focus sounds like a Melee nightmare. Plus making sure all of the Ranged attacks get their due as well in the chance that the big guy is shooting instead of getting up in someone's grill.

That brings me to how I see using the Stormwall. Shooting on the way up to some major face re-shaping. The 5 Focus is good but seems better served to smash up close. Disruption Field seems to also present the melee as the primary agenda for pNemo and the Stormwall.

pNemo has a few things to pass on to the Stormwall but his ability to support and push 'normal' Warjacks seems to be more his speed. I'm still going to try it out... next week Siege.