13 May 2013

Table Top - Quick and Dirty

Someone bought me a Stormwall.

Seriously. I have no idea who they are. I got a call last Wed while running one of the pre-made IKRPG adventures and the Wizards Tower called me up saying it was ready for pick up.

I explained that I have no job and I never would have ordered a Stormwall. They told me it was pre-paid.

So someone bought me a fucking Stormwall.

It sits in pieces on my desk as I slowly remove the flash. The parts sit next to my Skorne Bronzeback as it is my current project until this monster of a model came over and shuffled the board.

Thats fucking huge! The base is the size of a 5" DVD/CD!

Awe well. Thanks and I'm still trying to solve the mystery.