1 May 2013

New Comic Day - Nightwing #19

So it's been a while since I've had the desire or anything that was worth the time of a post for Comics. It's one of the area that will be taking a hit since I'm unable to buy new comics while I'm unemployed. I'm very glad (and now trying to fandangle some way to pay for) the new Nightwing is so good.

Kyle Higgens continues to write the series and his refreshing take on Dick Grayson has been brilliant and continues to push the character in a positive direction. New regular artist is Brett Booth and co-creator of my favorite comic character of all time. His work really shines, below is a sample of what's he's doing with Nightwing. Once you're done drooling I'll see you after the break.

Vola - Nightwing aka Dick Grayson
DC Comics - By Booth, Rapmund and Dalhouse

Yeah was that not sexy? Booth's work is inspired by Art Adams when he first started out in Image comics under Jim Lee. Since he left image he's been a bit lazy and I've found the art to be crisp and well done but his poses formulaic. Since the 'new 52', Mr. Booth has been stretching again and it seems the spark that started him out in comics has come back.

Rapmund is an old hand that also started out in Image doing the line work on an old comic I used to collect called Brigade, one of Rob Liefeld's books from the Extreme Comics line up. Since leaving Image he was picked up by DC after a stint doing some freelance work for everyone. He's now an old veteran of the ink and still has a soft touch to his form that at times looks minimal in light and while keeping details in the dark spaces.

Dalhouse has been working on Bretts work for a while now. His signature colour palet is really seen on the Anita Blake comic covers. I love the brave use of colour. At times it's overwhelming but unlike some artists his choices look someone is blaring colour right into your eye sockets. It's pushing the line at times but when he gets it right he get's it right.

Great use of Colour by Dalhouse
Batman and Robin - DC Comics
So with the art out of the way we see the story come to Dick Grayson moving to Chicago in order to hunt someone who should by rights be long dead. Dick has just suffered great loss. His circus family is gone after the Joker killed many of them. His 'Bat' family was shaken by the Joker and he lost a younger brother in Damian Wayne (pictured above) and student. His hard invested money is now gone and he is poor. This last aspect is nice to hear about as he uses the Wayne resources to fight crime but over the years he has made his own fortunes through wise spending, investments and savings. I like this about Nightwing and more then that it feels right. He left the post of Robin on poor terms and has since come back as a man and friend to Bruce. He had to do that with his own coin else it wouldn't be all that real.

At first I was a little disappointed that Higgen's has brought back Nightwing's old enemy. It felt cheep and unworthy to the character. Once I started reading, the search of this enemy was making me feel like it was a false lead and I was never sure until the end if Nightwing's search was worth his stay in the Chicago.

I like seeing Nightwing be happy, he is an entertainer and unlike Batman wears his heart more on the sleeve. Screaming yahoo while riding the top of the Subway care was refreshing after seeing so much dark in recent issues. The Joy is coming back to the book without loosing the serious side of the plot.

Booth and the rest of the art team do a great job show casing Nightwing's unique style of combat and movement. The flow and grace of the acrobat in him is such a strong part of the character that makes him unique when compared agains the rest of the Bat-Folk. Booth time creating and drawing Backlash really comes back here. Booth is at his best when drawing someone flipping, cartwheeling and jump through the air. The poses and forms give off that feel of lightweight movement and grace without seeming too inhuman or super powered.

This issue is one of those issues that does a great job in keeping you interested and invested in the story as it ramps up. It makes you want to read the next issue right away. This is a great start to a possible greater story for Nightwing. It's feeling a bit like it could turn into a revolutionary story in the vein of  Hush, when DC played some of Batman's past.

So all in all a Great Book - Rank of 5.

It has some great words and pictures and the new direction is just drowning in potential. I'm glad my favorite Batperson is getting such great opportunities. With Flash and Nightwing doing so well I feel like that DC is catering to me and my favorite characters.