8 May 2013

New Comic Day - Flash # 18 &19

The last two issues of the Flash have Bucellato and Manapul working only on script and letting Marcio Takara take over the art duties. At first I was not sold... at first. Barry Allen is working in a bar that is frequented by super villan as the police work out the bureaucratic red tape to make him legal to work in the lab again. 

Flash #18
by DC Comics

Sounded gimmicky. That and the art was slow to win me over. 

Boy was I wrong. 
As the story starts up, the old fallen rogue is no longer part of the team and is wanted for murder. Meanwhile Flash feeling the villan is up for a crime he didn't commit must also deal with those who survived in the Speed Force dimension over the last few issues. 

Seems these folks are able to tap into it and have some powers of their own. 

Then it ends. 

Flash #19 - With misleading cover
by DC Comics
Flash is powerless. 

Now that happens in another comic. Dial H to be precise but the Flash continues his job in Issue 19 and pulls it off to solve the case and stop the baddies. 

Barry gets to use his brains in these issues and it feels refreshing since he seemed a little less smart as the whole Gorila invasion was going on. Readers get to see Barry really be cleaver and work his magic. 

I also liked the issue as it finally connect him with the present day Justice League. He hits the tower once his powers are back and researches the issue. Flash finally felt not only connected with the Justice League but also with the rest of the DC 'new 52' universe. It was simple but smart to use the H dial in include the Flash. 

Since the 'new 52' started some of the solo books have felt disjointed with the rest of the other titles. Flash has finally come home, readers know where it fits. 

It was a simple, short story arc but it did a few things and all of those things were done very well. That feeling of simplicity and down shift in the speed of the story stems from Takara's art duties. His sketch style worked well in 18 but in 19 he nailed it to the wall. He worked the physical humor and had to work with plain clothes Barry through most of the issue. So bland and unassuming but the sketch style added a tone of unfinished or incomplete, that complemented Flash's powerless situation. His colours were effective and didn't drown out the ink work that gave a more rough hewn feel to the series.

Switching artists once Flash got the juice back was a small but very great touch. As if the world in Barry's eyes are more smooth and streamlined due to the Speed Force.

It was a good pair of issues. Where most comics use these stories to wait out the slowed pace between major arcs, the fine folks on the Flash took advantage to not waste our time on a one shot story and gave us a pair of books that were just long enough to not feel rushed and make the transition to the next arc more natural. 

Good book.

Flash gets a 4.