22 May 2013

New Comic Day - Batman Video Games

Another comic day post that has to do with comics but is not directly about comics. 

Batman: Arkham Origins.

Take a look at the most recent CG trailer and hit me up after the break. 

So looks good but will it be good?

I'm not imideatly bashing the new development team, but getting rid of Rocksteady fails to make sense when they made two game of the year contenders and started the franchise. The last two Batman games were ground breaking! 

Getting new blood on a project is a great way to keep up and add a level of fresh to the IP, but I'm hesitant to let Rocksteady go. They almost seem like a sure thing but they could also be getting lazy or suffer IP fatigue with the Batman property. 

I'm not sure. 

So I'm hesitant, even more so after finding out it will be a prequel.

Do we need another prequel?

We have enough Batman starting out stories just as we have enough Superman starting out stories. 

Could this be the episode one, our Phantom Menace rather then our Human Revolution?

Wait and see is the order of the day. 

At least the trailer looks good.