17 May 2013

Media - New TV for 2013

That's it I've just got plum loco. A media post on Friday - sweet merciful crap it's the end times.

So I found a neat post online about all the new TV that's coming out this TV season. Now me and the wife only watch 5 shows on Apple TV and we watch other shows online. We stream. We also miss out on many a comercial.

So here are a few shows I may decide to watch this coming year.

The Crazy Ones

As far as I can discover it's a comedy, it's on TV, it has Mork and Buffy and they are father daughter. Video below. Mr William is known for add-libbing and ignoring the script when he does his comedy. I like the dudes funny so using SMG as the straight man could be pretty good.

Almost Human

This is the one I have the most hope for. I want to see this work.

Cyberpunk Sci-fi, Android Cops with feelings. With Judge Dread and the Agent from Sleeper Cell - and Sold. This show if anything has me interested in the first few episodes. Can they push it into a whole series... they could. Can they do that well... I hope.


Dracula brings science to London? Played by Tudors star Rhys Meyers. You have my attention. Please tell me more.

Us and Them

Now me and the wife are fans of the BBC series Gavin and Stacy. I swear to God, Brin is bloody funny. But now Fox has brought it over to the US. I expect me and the Mrs. Enjoying this.

Honourable mentions go to; Believe, The Michael J Fox Show, The Blacklist, Killer Women, Mind Games and Tomorrow people. Do I think many of these will be shelved before they get off past 4 episodes. Sure but I'll still give them at least one run on the good old TV.

So the madness is done.