27 May 2013

Media - Gun Machine

I'm a fan of Warren Ellis.

Transmetropolitan (sample)
by Warren Ellis and Darick Robinson
published by DC - Vertigo
Yeah you read that. Well Warren Ellis is a master of the written word. His works are on my top comic lists. Planetary, Freak Angels, Tansmetropolitan (aka Trans-Met) are just the top three of the Warren Ellis popular pile of awesome comics. 

I discovered his second and most recent novel. Gun Machine. See you after the trailer

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Gun Machine is the discovery of a cash of hundreds of firearm murder weapons that are each linked to a single murder by a Cop known for living in his head and who just lost his partner. A bad day gone worse and the trail leads to the depths of New Yorks foundation both historically and socially while shaking the tops of the rich and powerful. 

Gun Machine is very modern with a flavour of Noir and Crime Procedural. Ellis really mixes the themes of technology, shamanism, history, corporate security and big money in an odd mix. It works but only because he's able to keep the balance and when of the above themes start to take over, you get this subtle shift in taste as he guides you to the next portion of the meal as the lingering theme fades off slowly without loss of potency.

Crooked Little Vein (his first novel) never pull in my attention but after reading Gun Machine I'm tempted to give the old boy a try. 

This novel gets a 4. 

It's not perfect, I felt it got rushed in a few places and the conspiracy was pretty simple. Sometimes the flow works well and other times I felt jolted and had to re-read the page to see if the omission of a description was correct. 

The inclusion of the crazed pair CSU (Crime Scene Unit) technicians really pulled the protagonist out of his head but they seems way to device like at times instead of whole characters. They flip flop from these two states too often for my taste.

This is a great modern novel that is worth the time. It's short and sweet and a great ride through and through.