20 May 2013

Media - The Failing Sun

At my old job I'd go to Jam Showbiz! and read up on all my celebrity gossip and media updates. When I get the link to read some of these posts I was surprised at some of the blatant inaccuracy.

Now I'm not one to pick a flavour of news media in order to be informed to my taste but I do avoid FOX News for some of the really mean things they say. 

But this most recent bugger up was the last straw for me. 

If you didn't catch the error please note the following; Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, and Avengers. The article states that there was 2 bad hulk films until Iron Man... arg

I'm trying to figure out why this has made me so upset. Maybe its because I'm a fan. 

I'm no ruddy journalist, I'm a guy who likes to write and wants to keep up some semblance of the skill set on a regular basis. I do try to keep my facts in order and when talking about niche areas I really make sure I'm right. 

When you are writing on or to a group of folks who gather about for such minor issues, get your facts right. We're the trolling audience.

I just want to know how journalists get their basic facts wrong. I'm not beating up on Sun News. They've just irked me most recently. I want to know how some of these folks go about calling themselves journalists when a small quick trip to wikipedia will give them their answer. 

I understand being wrong, but when your job is to research and write for us to learn how can you not spend the extra five mins to do your home work. 

Again I'm not a journalist but I'm seeing more and more incorrect facts running about. 

It's kind of sad that even our 'news' is not working at keeping up the standard.