2 May 2013

FU - Games Workshop


I know it's Thursday but I need to throw in my 5 pennies as per the concept of this experiment.

Games Workshop has long been a target of my Table Top writings. Their most recent activities have not been favorable. I had another post for today but then I hit my links and was over at Frontline Gamer  and I was pretty spooked at the current and unhealthy looking trends coming from the old Workshop.

So I ended up doing some of my own looking about and it's pretty scary.

1. http://natfka.blogspot.co.uk/ was shut down as per this DMCA Cease and Desist order.

I never read the blog. There are a slew of blogs out and about. Scanning and posting some of the images from his copy of White Dwarf #400 - was a poor choice. I try to post under any images I put up who they belong to and who made them when I feel it needs detail. Otherwise I ignore it since I make no coin from this experiment, it's fair use and I'm not giving the stuff away for free as a whole.

Now why don't they pick on everyone? I dunno but it looks like, it was an easy target of opportunity. Which leaves a sour taste in my mouth. If for one of the many images I've posted, I had to shut down my site I'd be pretty cranky. I'm not doing anything wrong and this use of the letter of the law ignores the spirit.

The Spirit is simple. GW wants to earn coin for their work. Fair and reasonable. Does posting these images on a blog result in GW lossing coin? Probably the opposite, it's a free advert but I'm no expert and I'm guessing. So I'd say maybe, and guess not really. So unless GW is having coin taken away by these images, GW has very little reason to use the DMCA.

Unless... there is another reason. Frontline Gamer gives a good theory on why GW is acting as such. His contacts and experience have earned some credit on his thinking. Time will be the judge of how right or wrong he is and the hobby will be the one to suffer.

Then again I could be completely wrong about this...

2. MCA Horgarth has written a book titled Spots the Space Marine. GW tried to have the book removed via copyright infringement.

Wow. Can't really defend the Workshop here. It's sad. It's truly sad that they feel they have such a claim to defend on such an minor concept and that they feel using said concept (the Space Marine) is creating a loss.

Yet again why the small Indie publisher. I know if they picked on Halo, Starship Troopers and Doom they would fail. GW can't take on such giants who rule in their own lime lights. Each of these folks have used the term Space Marine at one time and another. So why the indie, small time publisher?

I can't say without guessing. I don't know and it's such a engrossing issue with folks who play Table Top hobby games that doing so would belittle the rising conflict.

Games Workshop has been on a steady decline in quality, service and failing to communicated with their customers.

If someone asked me what game they should jump into, I'd show them away from the GW shelves. If they asked about some great science-fiction novels, I'd introduce Gaunt's Ghosts and the Horus Herresy. If they asked about where to play, I'd tell them to hit Wizards Tower, Kobold's Korner, FdB and Fandom 2.

If they asked me would we be better off without GW and this silliness, I'd say no. GW and I've said this in the past has historically been the gateway provider and entry level product in our hobby. Fewer products are able to break into customers pockets like GW's. Yet the lame aspects of GW's actions make me wonder...