11 Apr 2013

Thoughts - Working Hard to Work Hard

So the Job front is showing some progress, it's sad that it took over 4 month but hey that includes the Winter Holidays and the times are not that great with the world money wise. Thanks to some generous folks who I do the odd job for, me and the wife are no where near as shitty shape as we could be.

So what's my plan?

Well until I get a job, my job is to find a job. 

When I say that people look at me oddly. 

Look if I get some coin from EI (Employment Insurance) or not. I'm working for my dollar. If I'm getting a check and I've got no job, it's time for me to hit the mission or other charity and give up my time. 

My days will be to clean up the flat, cook and laundry before I hit the library and look for work. When the wife's day is done, I pick her up and get back home. To avoid burning myself out and in effort to keep the stress down for my lady, the weekend is ours. I take it off, unless someone is willing to pay me. 

Sounds ok.

Sure as shit it makes sense to me. I'm not hiding in Skyrim, I lent the game out. I'm not going to bury myself in unpainted models, that is be a reward. I'm not going to sit in my underpants and watch Netflix, doing so would eventually lead to me vegging to movies like 40 days and 40 nights. 

Now that looks bad. 

I don't understand how we the unemployed can give up and do nothing expecting people to shower us with jobs. My generation are the offspring of the most materially wealthy folks in human history and a good portion of us are sitting on our duffs expecting to keep living like we did when we were with out parents. 

What the fuck?

I understand loosing hope and getting stuck in a rut. Papa Bear was like that and it's a landmark in the Bear family history. Yet the family learned something from that event. Each of us came out of it with new desire to not be that sucker, wasting away looking for work.

Papa Bear after getting fired recently built up his new company and is doing well. Brother is working his ass off and has done really well for himself. His wife works almost two jobs and is also a hard worker... 

...but that the key. It's not the hard worker. It's the worker with fortitude. The one who after months of living off the dole is still willing to earn their dollar. Working hard is part of the solution. I feel the most important part is the not stopping. 

I can't live unemployed and still have to worry about the bills. Talk to me after winning the lotto, but that's the lotto. 

I'm here

Hire me.