26 Apr 2013

Thoughts - I've got to start again

I need to get back into shape. I'm getting bigger and my energy levels are low. I need to grasp and take control over my own form. I need to force the discipline in order to push the body. I need my energy levels to rise and return. I want to feel healthy.

I'm an emotional eater and with the stress from no job, the empty cupboards make it easy for me to not go and binge. The lack of cash also prevents the pizza man from being able to put his kids through college off my shopping alone.

Friday is my last day of this week.

Saturday I will rise from the bed and put on my shoes and take a short run. I will hate where I am and that hate will hopefully fuel my efforts.

Sunday I will hopefully feel better.

I'll need to keep it up to feel better and I'm running out of reasons to not go running.