16 Apr 2013

Table Top - Keeping the Hobby Fresh

Yesterday (Saturday as per this post) I played a set of round robin games. Me, Doc and Pale Rider played with Sarge because the three of us are playing in the Ottawa Starter Boxes at 20 paces tournament. The four of us played 3-4 matches to bring out experience with the new 'casters/'locks and give Doc some experience playing against Hordes.

Great way to introduce a new store to the local gamers
After a few hours off putting dice to table, minis to battle and rules to clarification we all walked away pretty happy. I felt ready to go home and paint and continue some of my works in progress.

It made me think about how we stay engaged with our hobby.

The Cost of the New

Recently I've not been putting many of guys on the table, I've been getting sluggish. The most recent releases have inspired me to play around with the rules but without the coin to pick it up, I've not felt the same rush of applied inspiration. Our Hobby is costly and sometimes it can kill the mood. That's why I tend to spend time at lower cost games or with smaller forces in order to make it economically viable.

Infinity has the new ITS out, Privateer Press has the most recent releases, and MERC finally made it to the National Capital Region (What we locals call, Ottawa-Gatineau). All of course outside of my price range. So with all the new, I'm getting no inspiration and in some cases feel left behind.

Reason to Throw

With the tournament for new and vet alike I've been eager to get on a table side and play. The format has forced me to play pCain and work outside of my comfort zone. I like this, it's been a real treat to feel like the game has some new even with a faction that I've been playing for a pair of years now.

Leaning to use this guy with a Hammersmith and Defender
has been FUN!
Learning how to get the most of a 'caster who's style I don't play with some 'jacks I do use has made me hunger for more matches. Smaller matchs mind you but more non the less. This last week, I've gotten in almost a dozen games and I'm looking at some more time at the table before the tournament.

These events have been the real fuel since cost is now a deterrent and that makes me feel better about my hobby.

Other Games

Switching games but keeping in hobby has been another saving grace. Most mini gamers have a few smaller side dishes that keep them juiced. I've got Infinity, Dreadball and some Heavy Gear on top of other RPG's and Video Games that keep me busy and within the realm of nerdy hobbies. Dreadball and Infinity have been a real help in keeping me up and running. I may have stepped from the PP stock but I was still painting and playing some games... just not WarmaHordes.

It's not a bad thing or something that others should try to make you feel guilty about. You need to try other things in a hobby. It's a hobby and not a life. The nature of the Hobby is generate pleasure, not stress. Once stress gets thrown in it can sour the experience. In order to cut out the bad stuff or avoid the negative lows, switch gears and jump cross the road.

Final Grade

Keeping up the hobby can be hard and there are a ton of posts of visible gamers who posted about the same topic. Take a look and read up especially if you're suffering from some table top ennui.