30 Apr 2013

Table Top - End of April

So the end of April has come.

I've lost my job yet I still survive due to my wife and the kindness of others.

For my hobby this has become a challenge and a boon.

New Rev. Moiras - 'bout bloody time
So much better then the previous version
Let me explain.

At first as I came back to the hobby, I never picked up anything unless I was done with the previous models. Everything was painted. Then second hand shopping and a few new games came into the local meta and I was back as before. Many unpainted minis and not enough time or desire to get them all done.

With the inability to buy new minis I've been almost forced to look over my current stock and get it done. Suddenly my new bases are being painted and my whole Cygnar collection is slowly moving onto new fancy bases. They are suddenly looking wowzah! My other factions are getting some time at the brush as well. I have so many factions and minis to work on for Warmachine/Hordes alone I avoided picking up a new 'cheep' mini on Sunday at the Wizards Tower.

Wallet felt better and my display case is looking much more colourful.

Sadly the new huge base minis like a Stormwall and Mammoth are way out of my price range for good reason. So are some of the cheeper units. The new Tempest Blazers are surprisingly pretty good cost wise and yet they are still out of my meagre wallets reach. I've been playing Cygnar since Dec 2010 and I've yet to pick up a box of Rangers which just got cheeper.

I also expect to get board with my Privateer Press minis but Dreadball has to send out Season 2 and I've just started to work on my Nomads for Infinity. Both of these games are to expect some time on the brush... which has started another downward spiral.

Paint is getting low. In many cases some of my paints are close to out and that's a pain in the but. The new fancy bases and the models getting primed need some rattle can love and spray paint is not as cheep as I'd like.

I do have a small monthly stipend for fun things and this includes a whole slew of things outside of my Table Top hobby.

I don't mind the forced focus to spend my coin properly and stop wasting it yet so many new minis are out and I just want them.

Awe well, back to the lab.