2 Apr 2013

Table Top - Dreadball Season 2

Well folks for those of us who jumped onto the Dreadball Kickstarter we're eager and ready to get our hands on our second shipment and the open gates that will lead us to Season 2! Now if you're not sure on Dreadball here is my note to the game.

Play it. I swear by all you may hold holy this is a fantastic game. I've gotten non mini players picking up this game and loving their time on the future pitch. The more experienced players, including those who played Bloodbowl, love the speed of the matches and the pace of the game. Dreadball is an awesome product and a great game to add to your hobby without breaking your wallet.

Dreadball Season 2
Robots vs Judwan

Now excuse the lack of fancy blogging magic. I'm working only from my iPad in a Hotel room on the rain day of my Honeymoon. So as I go through the notes from Quirkworthy after the break make sure you keep the site in mind and take a look at what this bloke is doing.

Ok with season 2 we're getting four new teams (races). How this works in Dreadball is each race is represented by a team but players are given the option of using the rules for their own Dreadball club. So you're playing the Trontech 29'ers or your can paint your bonhommes in your own colours, name them and play them your way. If you excuse the reference it's like the Space Marine Codex in Warhammer 40k, you get the rules for the Ultramarines but you can dress them up any way you want and have your own fluff.

Now in DB:S1, the teams were pretty simple. The Corp Team (Humans) had the best mix of Jacks, Guards and Strikers with average stats. The Orks were made up with no Stikers and high Strength Guards and high Speed Jacks. Dwarves or Forgefathers (such a kewl name) had all three player classes but they had a lower Speed stat and a higher Strength stat. Last but not least the Vyr-Myn had not Jacks for a high Speed stat and a lowered Skill stat. Each team is also balanced by the number of each player class they can have on their roster and the starting amount of Coaching Die and Dreadball Cards. Some teams invest in off the wall tactics and new ideas or strong leadership and training. All in all a well balanced game.

With the addition of four more teams in each season (there are three seasons paid for and planned by the Dreadball kickstarter) there is lots of ways the game can break by unbalanced teams. If you played Mordenheim by Games Workshop, you'll remember as the Town Criers were released warbands became less and less balanced. Great game and a good following with some great efforts to support it. Yet it fell apart in it's second year with the release of some crazy off the wall warbands. So the new seasons from Dreadball make me fear the old issue yet after reading some Quirkworthy it helped me trust the product design team and their vision.

So on to the teams:

Robots: Seems this team is made up of transforming Jacks. No joke, you enter the pitch with six Jacks. As an action you can perform a Transform action (so you need to roll) in order to change the player class of your Robot. Seems that going from Jack to either Guard or Striker and back is easy. Going from Guard to Striker or vice versa is a bit more challenging. I'm not sure how this will play on the advancement tables and each 'Form' has it's own set of stats. The Transformation idea is neat, but the odd time that buggers up I can see that being a bitch. Or course Doubling on a Transformation sounds like a free action as per Picking Up the Ball could be a great game changer.

Robots art - Looking Good Mr Roboto

Female Corp: At first I was disappointed that there was no women mini in the Corp team. I like to think myself as an equal bastard who treats everyone the same. But instead they got their own team. Now I'm really happy you can mix and match the minis for your Corp team and the ladies are allowed to use the normal Corp team rules if they want (without any switching during the season or mixing stats... just the minis). Of course they got their own team rules and they seemed to be focused on playing as Jacks. They loose one class max to pick up another Jack and they have no starting cards. Instead they are looking at 4 fucking coaching die! Wow, very versatile play. Looking forward to trying them out.

Some ladies going all Sarah Conor on some Transformers

Judwan: Ok so what we have here is a wonky team that will need much time to practice and play but stilled looked balanced. They can throw farther then anyone else which is awesome since the team is made up completely of Strikers! What the duce!?! Yes you heard me Strikers, which also means no Slams. The whole race is a pacified, so no slams and no throwing the ball AT a player (a great Human tactic vs Forge Fathers). Instead they get a new ability called Feint which allows them to not move anyone but change their facing. Also due to the Striker only make up they are not allowed to score for Bonus Points. This team looks like it will demand a lot from players to learn but they look like fun. I can see the easy wins at first until they get stuck in a grudge match and then the mastery level will be much hard to attain.

Judwan concept work - very Nice

Z'Zor: The Bugs are the last on my list to look at. With a new ability to Slide, everyone with Can't feel a Thing. They are looking like they are mobile and tough. Of course the team suffers from low Skill stats. Much like the Forge Fathers they have all three player classes which provide bonuses on some actions, so the Z'zor can take advantage of that. This team feels more like it could have been part of Season 1 but I'm wondering how they will feel on the pitch. They are my least favourite team to play but I'm looking forward to playing against them as they will be a challenge for my clubs to face on the pitch.

Z'Zor concept break down

So with that done I'm out. Hope the post comes out well since I'm doing this up on the app for the first time.