9 Apr 2013

Table Top - The Cost of Awesome Tau

So I was in a local game store in Quebec City while in the throws of my Honeymoon.

That may have started wrong... urm the wife wanted to see what a game store out of Ottawa looked like and we were 45 meters from the downtown game stores.

Luck it seems was on my side.

So while inside I picked up some novels, the new NQ for my mate Forgotten Virtue and White Dwarf 400. You see I overheard two people talking about who Ian Livingston was and why he was in the new White Dwarf.

What the fuck... who is Ian Livingston. Well he and Steve Jackson (not of Gurps) created Games Workshop. He later left the company he co-created and started another game company called Eidos... they made some famous game. Theif, Hitman, Deus Ex, Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain. He wrote my first foray into gaming with his Fighting Fantasy books when I was in the second grade before the I opened up my parents Dungeons and Dragons purple boxset.

So I picked up White Dwarf 400.

One thing I need to make clear I liked playing Games Workshop games. I wanted to play the Dark Angels and instead I ended up playing the Eldar before I got some Dark Angel action in back in 2001. Late in 2006 (or was it 2005, I forget) I picked up the Tau Empire Army Deal. When they first came out I fell in love with the new addition to the IP. It was fresh. After reading the first army book I realized there was some room to grow and I'd be playing a loosing war until the second book came out.

So I got my Tau Empire book and Army Deal and I loved the direction of the models. The new XV 25 Stealth Suites replaced the older lame looking XV 15 Suites. Forge World had the Taross Campaign out and showed off some very fine looking models.

I was hooked...

Life was over for me at the time. I was just breaking up with my fiancé, I had to move to a new flat and I was still trying to save up coin for full time school.

The Tau were also missing a lot. In Dawn of War, they showed up in the 2nd of 3 expansion sets along side the Necron. The army felt very different then the table top army. Forge world variants of models were in the game (a first, I think...). The Tau were still trying to find their place amongst decades of IP history along side the rest of the races and armies of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

I wanted them so badly to get better.

In Issue 400, the Tau are front and centre. They look awesome. I see the fully body of the work finally at a place that stands equal to the rest of the forces out there. It's not another space marine or space marine equivalent faction.

I dreamed for a moment... finishing off my current Tau. Of adding to the selection with those new and awesome looking Broadside Battlesuits... then I looked at the prices.

Dream Gone.

At twice the cost, four times the model count and effort.

I remembered why I stopped playing their game.

It's sad. It's such a hopeful place to be, inspired by your hobby to continue and create. Yet the business end of Games Workshop kills it.

I wish it was better.

I wish I could play.

I wish I could pay.