3 Apr 2013

New Comic Day - Robin aka D. Wayne

This is a spoiler heavy post so here is an image nothing else until after the break.

From DC Comics

Grant Morrison who came up with Damian Wayne left the Bat books when the 'new 52' started up. He came back 9 months ago with Batman Incorporated. What readers of the series didn't know is that the story arc here takes place right after Death of the Family which I looked over last week.

When Robin met his genetic enhanced and aged brother for the first time it went poorly for the little guy. I have to say after Batman Inc. #8 I was a bit shocked. This was quite the scene.

Now Damien says it well early in the Batman and Robin series.

He always had something to say
The reaction by the other Bat folks has been brutal. They have just recently been shaken to their core and now Robin the true son of Batman is dead.

Batman is taking it hard. Another family gone, he is alone once more. He's trying not to blame Alfred and sends him away. Nightwing's reaction to the death was also well done. He jumps into action and doesn't stop. He goes after Robin's killer with a enthusiasm and renewed vigor that comes only from desperation. Explosive and brilliant it's short lived and the fight continues to good south.

The other books show the other characters reactions to the death and so far so good. Batman and Robin had a brilliant issue with no spoken bubbles. Batman was one of the weaker issues and you can feel the setup for Harper to take up the mantel. I have to say in the world of comic deaths and returns this one feels good. I dislike the Batman Inc issue 9 reference to the Lazarus Pits... but DC needs loop holes to bring him back.

Top to Bottom:
Nightwing (1st Robin - Dick Grayson),
Red Hood (2nd Robin - Jason Todd),
Red Robin (3rd Robin - Tim Drake)
Robin (4th Robin - Damian Wayne)

With Jason Todd no longer the same mistake Batman kept in the glass since he came back to life, Batman needs a Robin by his side and in the glass. He needs to be reminded and have that token to remind everyone else who forgets the cost of the mission. When I read Robin during his time alive it seemed the writers were able to have to fun as they explored the character. The reluctance in the writing from the those who script the other Bat books comes out in the Requiem issues. No one wanted to lose the little guy and yet, he was taken away. The emotions of the characters is guine... it's sad.

It's sad that less then a year ago this is what we saw. Better times and brighter futures...

From Batman #1 (new 52)
Happy Days.
RIP Damian Wayne. You were my favorite Robin.

'-TT-' in deed.