1 Apr 2013

Media - The Wolverine

I was worried. The last time I saw the film version of Wolverine and liked it was a brief 'fuck off' from the character in the film X-Men: First Class. Very nice... well done Bravo.

Now that's not to say I like the character. Brother Bear was a fan, I never was. I dislike the bitter, angst ridden lone wolves of team stories. Now there have been some stories that were well done and played on Logan's strengths but otherwise I've never liked the 2d cut out that the Wolverine has been cast and cursed with.  

Watch the trailer and join me after the break. 

So... that was good. I'm hopeful 

When he came on the silver screen I said... meh. They did him taller but well. Like much of the first film X-Men, most of was done well. When watching the film for the first time the fact they did the characters so well hid the seems in the workmanship. X-Men 2 was fucking awesome and less of the Wolverine show and more of a team flick, even with him being a major plot point of the B Story Line. He was able to help generate the gravitas the character is known to bring to the team without overshadowing the rest of the cast. He can be the crux and central point of a story without forcing him in every scene. X-Men 2 was good and Wolverine had some fun in the flick.

Then they made X-Men 3 and with the director and actors leaving, Wolverine took up the front far too often. Beast was the best bloke in the film and he got minimal screen time. Alas, the balance struck in the last flick tipped back once more to the Logan show and away we went in the worst X-Men film ever, until... 

Wolverine Origins. That film should have ended after the Logan/Victor fighting through time montage. 

When the Montage is the best part of the flick there are problems. With the cast of Liv and Ryan joining in there was so much hope. Sabertooth, Deadpool even the rest of the Weapon X cast and crew. Ahh the possibility was... wasted. The film was a mess unlike Wolverines hair. Look back through the whole film and see how pretty his hair is. Seriously wrong Wolverine. 

With that history lesson done, the trailer at the start of this post shows promise. It recognizes the 3rd X-Men film as cannon and folks who read comics have to put up with the odd bad book and story arc when you look at 50 years of stories so that's ok. The reason for his trip to Japan is well... good. It makes sense. I'm glad they are not doing the whole Samurai Wolverine from the 80's-90's when that was popular and they had to inject it into Wolverine's history. Instead he's off doing Wolverine things and it looks pretty good.

I'd rather have had a Wolverine: Patch (one of his alternate identities) who works behind scenes in the dark places villains and criminals roam. Maybe this film could lead up to the creation of the Patch identity. Patch has some great James Bond style moments but tends to be a bit more dark and gritty. He uses the ID when not chilling with the folks from Xavier's school so it would be fitting if they could do another flick following this one's hopeful success...

Well hope. The trailer has hope. I'm hopeful the film won't suck.