29 Apr 2013

Media - Memo to GT

Dear GT

I've liked your recent videos where you sent a concerned letter to the various video game publishers that have been not doing so well in the media.

I find these concerns are brought forth in a intelligible and concise manner, without insulting the companies and the people who worked on any mention product directly. These videos have put forth a challenge to these beleaguered companies in order to extract a better product from them.

In our age of transparency, freedom of information, and high speed communication, we the customer have a closer connection to businesses that can allow us to influence the products. Companies have used it to market their product yet outside of forum rants and video commentary we've had little success to push any changes we want.

I can see why. We're bitchy, whiney wankers who think just because we buy the product means we have a say.

If you want to see what GT has come up with I've provided all the videos after the break.

Enjoy the show.