22 Apr 2013

Media - Cliff Burton

When I look back at the three years I fucked around but never learned how to play anything with my old 4 string base, I always remember the inspiration to look at the bridge between the beat and the melody known as the bass guitar.

I will always remember Cliff Burton and his work. I like Metallica but my favorite albums were Ride the Lightning, Justice for All and one of the greatest albums in the world Master of Puppets.

That folks was Orion. "The" great song of Metallica's formative years.

You can thank Cliff for it. I think about him every time I hear it.

When fans look at the 'Black' Album they call it Metallica's best album. It had so many charted hits it was madness. Yet each one of those fans will put Master of Puppets at #2 just because no matter how much they love Unforgiven (and it's excellent sequel Unforgiven 2 released years later), Nothing Else Matters (my favorite song off the album), Enter Sandman, and Wherever I May Roam, they can never ignore the strength of Master of Puppets.

Don't get me wrong Black was a great album but it was missing the chromatic blends provided by Cliff Burton. I'm not saying those who came after were not skilled - Fuck the band has had some of the best artists of the bass guitar ever play for the band. What I'm saying is Cliff brought some classic, some insight and pure sounds to the still raw scores of Metallica's sound.

Master if Puppets is one of the few albums that I can turn on and leave on without skipping a single song. The reason from more music trained folks who tell me things about music say that it was bass line that brought it all together. Since Cliff died, the band has been trying to find that element. That search and struggle has been felt in the band's music every since. It pushed them to create and come back time and time again. The hunger that Cliff's bass absence is heard in each raw cord softened by melody.

The band moved on and has become the entity it is today.

Yet after listening to Orion recently I looked back at Cliff Burton.

He is not with us today.

He work still lives on.

Cliff Burton was a brilliant artist who helped propel his brothers into the arms of their fans.

24 years to only prove mortal is always bitter sweet.

Ladies and Gent's

For Cliff Burton...

"So close no matter how far..." nothing else matters.