13 Apr 2013

Lost Sat - Old Mate

Quick Post here folks.

I got one of those long time no see e-mail from a bastard who I actually like. I respect and think this wanker is top notch bloke who is worth you're time if you ever meet the man. But that's not why I'm making a big deal here.

I found out he's a dad.

Best wishes to him and his family and their daughter. He was there with me when I met my two girls and helped me out as I was all fucked up even if I never knew it or mentioned it.

He's gona be an awesome pa.

Other Family news, my cuz Al and his wife just met their daughter this week and everyone is healthy and happy. It seems Tzar, Charlie Papa and Sister Kay are all expecting soon.

World getting better sometimes good folks are having kids. We need these good moments more often.