5 Apr 2013

FU - My last days of rest

I'm pissed off... hence the Friday Utterance.

Dear Job people and your HR departments. If I ran my office or any of my previous teams like you run your dept I would have been fired.

You folks are not pulling your weight. With the hard times ripping up the economy and the jobs being fewer and farther appart, you need to be more on the ball here then ever before.

You have less jobs to give, more folks to interview, and higher expectations to deal with. You need to step up to the plate.

Don't be late with replies, the line 'only get back to you if you're considered' is bullshit. You can all simply fuck yourselves right hard. You're HR departments have become wishing wells, where folks like me throw our info, CV and cover letter in and hope to get something back. I worked in recruiting and I was never able to get away with that line. I did that for three years and worked my ass off to keep all applicants informed and up to date.

A simple automated, 'we are no longer processing your application.', would be fine.

If we the seekers are working our assess off to find work, it's doesn't mean you folks can laze about.

Fuck Off