12 Apr 2013

Friday Utterance - Myself

Folks today is short.

With all the woes with lacking work and the final week of full time employment dragging me around. I realised that I'm not handeling it well.

If I'm to bitch about everything on my Fri F.U. (see it's a pun) I should not cut myself from the list of targets.

I'm letting the stress get to me and I'm being short with those around me. Even more so with my wife who does not deserve it. She only wants to help and support me and she suffers through my grumbles and mumbles even though they are not directed at her.

It's like when I yell at stupid drivers (which Ottawa is very well known for), the wife tells me to calm down since she's taking the yelling and the asshole who cut us off is not here.

"I'm the one here getting the yelling." she nice, I'd be saying shut up.

I'm not aiming my rage and frustration at her but she's in there with me weathering the storm outside and the grumppy asshole in the shelter. She's awesome, she kicks me out the door to relax and put dice and figs on the table. She makes sure I'm fed (even though I can feed myself). She's taking care of the bills as I find coin.

This gets to her as much as it gets to me and I forget that sometimes.

I need to pull my head out of my ass more often.

It's the worst hat ever.