26 Mar 2013

Tues Table Top - GW fails us all

I got into the hobby through Games Workshop. They were the only supported table top wargame with the 3 things I look for:

1. Intellectual Property: A great IP is hard to come by but it's the fluff that cements your choice of faction, model and list design. GW has a great set of IP. I play many of the GW 40k RPG's and my whole family of gamers have spent many a session tromping around in the Warhammer Fantasy World with their 1st and 2nd edition RPG. It has inspired some of the best sci-fi novels out on the market.

2. Inspiring Models: We play with the little plastic men and we paint them (or try to keep up with painting them). We spend so much coin on picking up these models I hope they're pretty or else why would you pick up a game with ugly minis? Space Marine minis are Iconic. You can recognize them immediately.  My Eldar, Dark Angels and Tau all inspired me through the models that GW Sold.

3. Sustainability: Look as some of the other games out there and wonder why they are gone. GW has been around for a long time and they could be even longer. The worst thing to happen to us as we play our games is suddenly finding ourselves without the game because the company is gone.

Well GW you did it again...

Watch the video below.

Well that was pretty scary. The reasoning makes very little sense and I wonder what the master plan that GW is sporting behind the DM screen. Did someone roll snake eyes. 

While doing my daily surf through Beasts of War (google them, great mini site), I found this video. The folks in the UK posted this video from a store in my country (Canada) about major business changes. 

This will affect us all. 

GW games are the gateway game. They get people into the hobby. The more people play the hobby the more money companies like Corvus Beli and Privateer Press can make to continue to make their excellent product. 

We need players to not only support with sales but also to play with. While those of us take our breaks and step back from the table, we need those young pups to show up and play to inspire us to get back to the dice or carry on the clubs and support communities while we gather our wit about us. 

I've had my issues with GW for some time now. Frontline Gamer (side bar) really lays out some freaky observations and context (that's his real world job) about the Golden Age of Gaming (google those posts, seriously good reads). We have some many options, but we are not infinit in creativity and money, those companies need our replacements while we're away... GW was a force in making those replacements. 

Well let's see how this pans out.