14 Mar 2013

Thoughts - When the Post Fails

Sometimes I write these at work and have them ready for the week. Seems more and more the old crappy IE we're using along with XP and Office 2000 is getting old.

You'd think that being the year 2013.

Seems my three New Comics Posts for Wed (last and the next two) never came up. Also my Friday Utterance is also MIA.

How buggered up that I have to push today's post to next week in order to explain the issues.

Next Week I yammer on; Far Cry 3 vs Halo 4, Gargantuans, The Death of the Family (part 1 of 3 Batman Story Arcs), and Thinking - How the Comic Shop died.

See you tomorrow for a special post.

Until then mourn the valiant efforts of Arsenal 2-0 win last night, that still led to elimination.