28 Mar 2013

Thoughts - My List

Damn you Ze. Damn you.

My list is...

1. Being able to create.
I've got a slew of projects on the go at all times. ADHD and all sorts of other issues means I can keep a few going on at the same time. Making my own RPG, Board Game, Arcade Controller. Painting my minis, working on art, and writing. I need to make something of myself and since I think the canvas is a little spoiled, I've decided to make anything. 

2. Being able to explore.
I've not seen enough and there is so much more to see in the world. Places to become familiar with, people to meet, and languages to butcher. From that place down the street that does taccos, from showing the UK, Germany and Japan to my wife, and sailing so far and so long that you forget the kiss of land under each step. 

3. Having my ankle, knee and hip pop in one go.
I am that gross don't judge me.

4. Seeing Moby roll around, legs kicking in the air squirming with all the happiness a dog can muster.
It is the cute thing in my house.

5. New Comics
Also applies to any new media. The first time a new game game boots up, the cracking of the spine in a new book, and watching the into for that anticipated flick or show.

6. Old Comics
Going back to the previous list and remembering that they didn't suck and they were worth all the anticipation of being new.

7. Natural 20's, Box Cars, Exceptional Success - when the dice gods give
I've gotten enough critical fails in my life slinging dice. I love it when they go my way every so often.

8. Learning something from my wife
She's a smart cookie and she's has her own view of things. It's a bit more hopeful and a bit less worldly but still knowing. Her knowledge of music and books gets me every time. She shows me whole new worlds to explore.

9. Stepping outside of a family gathering and looking in unnoticed
Just like in the movies only I'm actually making it happen. I also like to notice it when Pa and Brother Bear pull it off. I see them but I ignore them so they get their moment as well. Makes me wonder if they do the same for me.