12 Mar 2013

Table Top - What's on the go.

Hello folks today we're looking at a round up of activities in the spring and summer.

Ottawa Gatineau Warmachine Club @ Wizard's Tower
The first tournament since the re-branding of the club
The play area in the back if full to the brim on Sunday nights
and the Warmachine/Hordes selection in store is pretty good
1. Some asshole (the dancing fool in the pic above) at the Ottawa-Gatineau Warmachine club is posting a monthly series of posts on Cavalry models and some learning curve discoveries with the Cav rules. If you're interested go hit the link in the sidebar to see the clubs website.

Otherwise here is the first two posts.

I'm on a horse and and the horse you rode in on.

See you after the break.

2. The Ottawa Infinity Association is hosting it's first tournament on the 23 March. For anyone interested in playing, sign up and register with your list by Saturday (16 March). It's a rotating doubles 50 pts tournamnet where you need to bring your Spec Op and they get 15 xp to spend.

I have two list ideas. The current leader is my JSA list: Spec Op, Keisotsu w/GL and Mushashi. Yepper sounds silly but I think having this guy show will make some players go 'WTF!?!'. Now he tends to get shot up but I hope the low model count on the board will allow me to get him closer with few AROs to deal with. I hope the fear of the model will allow so breathing room even though I'll be short on orders...

Do get into a fist fight with this guy unless you're
1. a 'Natural' or 2. fucking 'Crazy'
infinity players will get the joke... 
3. Cangames is hosting a 35 point, 8 point sidebar, single list come May. With the SR2013 rules kicking around it will be hard to not pick up my swans (Cygnar for those who don't play) for the tournament. Now I'm been playing my Circle and I'm getting my Skorne ready for the dance but I don't feel that I can compete at a 35 point game with those armies. My exp is still on the learning curve and I'm much better with my Cygnar lists.

The theme of this year's Cangames
I'm looking at Siege who has a whole toolbox of fun to bring to a table and could make me very versatile. He's ability to adapt to most one sided lists while showing few weaknesses himself as a 'caster, Siege is dependent on my skills as a player instead of my opponent's caster.

My second choice is Kraye. He is my most successful 'caster and my paint job on him is almost done. I've got plenty of jacks that will take advantage of his Iron Horse ability in making all my 'jacks Cav. Most folks have been play testing the new Cav rules with the new Cav casters but Kraye makes even his 'jacks Cav. So those of us who play Kraye are a little more familiar with the rules of the horse.

Wait Cavalry you say... why is there some sort of March Madness on a Horse article being posted every Tues on the Ottawa-Gatineau Warmachine Club? Yes imaginary reader their is.

4. There is a new shop in Kanata where they have open space on Saturday nights. Once I pay a visit and get the name from Semiautomagic (the guy who runs the OGWC site) I'll stop by.