27 Mar 2013

New Comic Day - Back to Batman

Folks I loved the 'new 52' Batman. The first story arc, Court of Owls was brilliant. Batman was almost broken by a Mystery he could not solve and it was more then a physical challenge or a mental problem it became a confirmation to his mission and life goals.

Batman suffering at the hands of the Court
DC Comics
The follow up cross over Night of Owls was a bit of a whimper outside of Batman and some of Bat Family titles. Only Nightwing had any presence to the event as it whip by. Night of Owls was a great first cross over making sure to keep the connections without making the demands on the readers to go out and get all the books. Of course playing it safe means some of the other books fail to really produce a good story and feel a bit like a cash grab rather then a facet to the story in a constructive way.

Well folks Owls are long gone. Guess who's back?

Damn that's creepy.

Death in the Family is the return of the Joker. Unlike the Night of Owls run, each of the other Batbooks that participated had multiple issues that cemented the importance of each issue. It allowed each of the books to take the time and mark the impact of Joker's return on each of their characters.

Once again, Nightwing, and Batman and Robin took the cake. I've been told Batgirl was also well done, but I honestly got a bitter taste when I tried to read Redhood and the Teen Titans cross over. Some of the books got some great story out of the cross over and took advantage of the story. Other's just kept pace and tried to hang on as the better stories showed up in other books.

This was not a physical challenge. As I said before the Court pushed Batman to his physical and mental limits. This event took apart and tested his greatest strength... the family, those that stand next to him and support his mission. Batman wants to be alone but he is not as broken as he lets on and Joker proved this.

Robin's experience was odd and unsettling. A kid raised by assassins and trained to kill, he truly looked into madness and chaos when he battled against the Joker. He had suffered so much and they all did nothing to prepare him for the wrath of the Joker.

Nightwing's story was I think even slightly stronger then the main Batman title. He's been focused on making the world better and brighter and events have only slowed that down. After Death of the Family, Nightwing will have nothing. His world will be shattered, burnt and broken. After fighting Joker so many times, he will suffer.

Death in the Family was a psychological story and needs to be read with that in mind. I've gone over the story a few times and when I force myself to read it with the context of the psychological challenge to Batman and family the story makes you forget any gripes you may have concerning action or Joker's overall plan.

Folks we have an agent of Chaos who torturing a crew of hard as nails heroes. The end is powerful when you see the fractures and lines between them. For a unit that is so close this can cripple it's effectiveness. This is a mind game and the end is one of the more brilliant bits of Batman of all time.

He's really getting the best of the best story wise these days. Glad everyone made it out alive... right? Right?

Cheers for now,

Next Week - Mourning Robin