11 Mar 2013

Media - The King is Back

I like music. Not as much as my wife. When you look at the bear family I'm the one in black wool. Brother plays guitar along with Lady bear. Mother bear is an accomplished singer and pianist. Papa Bear sings, guitars, pianos and recorded tunes. When I married Lady Bear, I found that her family is also filled to the brim with music.

Me in my family. I'm the audience.

I hear the noise and enjoy what they all do.

My first owned album was Superunknown by Soundgarden.

Then I heard him.

Ladies and Gent's he's back.

I'm a fan. It also seems I'm not the only one.

Things are not that great these days. My posts have been slipping since I'm looking down the barrel of job loss. I've been working so hard and the concept of not paying my half of the bills with my wife scares the utter shit out of me.

Then Forgotten Virtue sent me a link and sitting here with the family around I realize I need more things to inspire and keep me going when I'm getting low.

So I'm putting a few things down on paper and I'm gona sit here with my family listening to the music.