25 Mar 2013

Media - The Beat 'em up

Since I've been playing video games, I enjoyed many genres. A classic that always claimed my attention for a long as I had quarters or continues was the beat 'em up. Double Dragon 2 was a favorite in the house. Final Fight still gets me going for short burst and I found the Xbox jump into the world through their game Streetwise was actually pretty fun. 

Yet there is one that has alluded me through the years that never got the HD fix which is less about the HD and more about the being able to finally play it. 

When Golden Axe came out (not the Dino Rider Girl game... that was bad) all re done up and made pretty I had a hope. 

Then I saw this... oh the time is finally here.
Some say the gateway game for D&D into video games was Baldur's Gate. Which is very fare. Bioware's break through game did finally translate all the nuances of the RPG into a video game so well and spawned a whole number of followers that made the brand even more popular. 

Other's say it was those 1st person, Wizardry/Bard's Tales style crawlers: Ravenloft, Darksun, etc... that opened the door for D&D to finally make the jump into the video game worlds.

For me it was the two beat 'em up that are on their way back. 

For me it was finally seeing how that x3 damage multipler actually came about on paper. It was seeing some of those fancy spells animated and come alive. 

For me I had been playing D&D for a long time when I found these games and they shaped how I imagined future D&D sessions. 

I look forward to playing the thief once more.