14 Mar 2013

Happy Birthday Big Guy

Well I have to say that on Sunday 17 March, Thirty years ago, the fruit of my parents efforts (and loins) came into this world as Big Bear or Brother Bear aka My Younger sibling. I the reason for my parents trying again was graced by the little reason that made them stop trying. He always retorts because they 'finally got it right'.

I never disagree with the guy.

You need to understand that this guy actually cares about the shit that goes on around him. He's smart and yet able to just chill with the fine folks that toil a living. He is the bridge between so many worlds. He loves his video games and RPG's while having huge drunken Super Bowl parties and cruising on his ridding mower with a beer. You can see him aboard a fancy Cruise Ship and eating from fine diners or you'll see him cook up a breakfast just for you every morning your in his home.

He's successful in work and his education. He convinced a great woman to be his partner and wife, and together they made a great home. Their house is the result of both of them working almost four years with two jobs to make up the capital. Think long hours and no life but together they earned their success.

He's a hard worker, an honest guy and pretty cool when you meet him. He spends the time to ask how you're doing and unlike so many others he listens to you. He's funny and has learned how to be the joke as much as he's learned how to use that razor sharp wit to knock you down a peg or three notches.

He is a hope, an example that there is a chance for the world, for us not to be all bastards.

So when you spend the day drinking your face off or relaxing at home. Know on this day a real Saint was born. Just as fucked up and broken like the rest of us, but someone who I look up to and think at least this one tries to get it right a few more times then most.

To the Big Dog, my brother...


Happy Birthday Bro.