7 Feb 2013

Thoughts - Value of Time

Sitting around waiting for the wife to return from work and the time of her travels makes me think how we use time.

When I look at rule number 20 of Ned's Rules of Engagement, I'm reminded that we only have four things to work with when trying to complete any task.

Energy (fuel, electricity, food)
Resources (people, tools, money)
Knowledge (education, experience)

Of all four you can never get back time. You may try to slow it down, or avoid it but it's constant and moving forward, a second at a time never stopping.
How we treat the passage of time is unique and strange to me. We could do so much yet so much of our time is taken away to do other things that we long for it more then anything else in the world.

We wish we had more time with loved ones. We wish our vacation would never end. We wish for travel to become shorter. We wish 'it' never came to pass.

Time is the common factor in each of these. It seems our value of time has shifted and we no longer grasp the tentative hold we have over the passage of time. Some think it's short and we should burnt bright and hot for as long as we can. Other desire to last as long as possible no matter the cost of comfort.

I wish I had more time for my family, my hobbies, and my friends.

Wishing for time does not make it greater or plentiful. Maybe Zig Ziglar is right "Lack of direction, not lack of time is the problem. We all have 24 hour days."

I feel what he has holds merit. It says something to the problem.

I think time is only valued by the amount we invest into it. If we waste time, time will hold little value to us and we can lament it's loss or lack of value. If this is correct then the level of investment of value we impart on time makes it powerful. More so then the fact that we can never adjust time, we can only adjust what it means to us.

I'm not sure, I'm thinking outloud here.

Time, it's a neat idea that I'm still trying to understand as an idea and not some static even that continues to occur.