21 Feb 2013

Thoughts - The Uniformed Person

During the Tokugawa period the Samurai, the warrior cast the grew from the feudal conflicts that marked the country since the inception of the Bukafu, were becoming complacent and discipline was suffering.

In an attempt to curb the growing anti-social behavior the Samurai were encouraged to take on and develop cultural skills to balance their own martial prowess.

When you meet a soldier who is well read, educated and demonstrates a modicum of culture, it is simply a warrior finding a way to live with themselves and accept their existence alongside their experiences during peace time.

Grunts, Seamen and Airmen are not all dumb but they are all warriors.

Don't spit, shout or strike. They may have experience in hurting those without the same discipline they show you. The discipline they use to not hurt you and stop to your assault. The discipline they used to survive and live with themselves is what allowed them to work far away in a place of chaos.

Be better then those they fought.